Global Metal & Machinery Mercantile (GMMM) has been helping companies like yours since 2004 to get the leads they need. We too are a nationwide company and can provide your business with good leads. We will take care of your brand and honored our contractual obligation.

Also we have:

  • Commercial Affairs and Customs Clearance.
  • Commercial Consultancy.
  • Export & Import Services.
  • Customize advertising, Supply and Distribution.
  • Large number of qualified buyers.
  • Enhance brick and mortar business models.
  • Network distribution.
  • Unique integration of product advertising.

Therefore, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you as an authorized stockist, especial agent sales and dealership for Iran’s Market.


    Global Metal & Machinery Mercantile CO. (GMMM) has been known as an importer and supplier of all kinds of STAINLESS STEELproducts in Iran since 2002 and also exclusive agent for some CNC Spring machines since 2015. We have business relationships with UAE, South Korea, China, Turkey, Taiwan, India, Twain, Malaysia, Russia and other countries. As a result of continued improvements, we are a leader in terms of communications, timely delivery and consumer satisfaction. We provide mutually beneficial business options and our stainless steel and Machinery products come in different sizes, models and specifications according to our customers` needs.

    Considering the growing demands for our products in Iran`s market, we did some major expansions since its inception, and geared up for future expansion in terms of product distribution. While continuing to add more products and capacity, we constantly develop a young team of future leaders working alongside with our experienced staff. We increase the spirit of cooperation and responsibility in our customers and vendors.

    We can maintain our business relationships with all our stakeholders, grow continuously, and match Iran`s market best in Stainless Steel and CNC Machinery products.We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

    • Global Companies have known for years that there are tremendous differences in shopping markets depending upon the specific country. We will cater specific needs of different cultures, requirements around the Iran’s Market customizing specific sizes and needs from our customers.
    • We will make a website with Persian language, logo, Mobile App, online selling system and catalogue for customer understanding and convenience.
    • Awareness program for your brand; we aims to use the medium of social media ads, magazine, brochure, Google ads, hoardings, billboards and newspaper advertisements to showcase your products and reach out to the maximum potential customers and target audience.
    • Attend to all Iranian Expos to demonstrate products and services.
    • Attend to Expos of our neighboring countries to cover their market too.
    • Make a unify network to have a better communication (Face to face interaction) with customers to get their orders on time.
    • Use direct marketing methods to reach to potential customers.
    • Put credit system for loyal customers to develop volume of business.
    • Implementing your Company`s Policies, Strategies and Plans Successfully.


    The opportunity for Iran to deepen integration into global economy is coming. Development that builds on the economic stabilization already achieved, combined with new reforms, can unleash creativity and entrepreneurship that hold great promise. By continuing to strengthen its economy, Iran can change the lives of its own people, particularly the younger generation, and build a legacy for the future. That is a challenge befitting a country with a heritage like Iran’s.